Just got engaged? Congrats! Now you might be wondering when to book your engagement photos. Should you do it right away or wait until the wedding is closer? As a Scotland wedding photographer, this is a question I hear a lot. So, let’s chat about the pros and cons of different timings for your engagement photos.

First off, there’s really no bad time to capture your love story. I’d happily snap pics of you and your partner every day if I could!

Booking engagement photos right after you get engaged.

I absolutely adore it when couples book their engagement session as soon as they get engaged. You’re in that magical, extra-lovey phase, and it’s a joy to capture. Plus, if you’re eager to book, it shows you really value these memories, just like I do.

Getting your engagement photos done early gives you loads of time to use them. Think about save-the-date cards, social media posts, or updating your profile pics regularly – you name it! If you’ve got family and friends from out of town, these photos are perfect for keeping everyone connected and excited about your upcoming wedding.

Taking Engagement Photos Closer to Your Wedding Date

Sometimes, life gets busy and your wedding date sneaks up on you. Or maybe you’re waiting because you want to look a certain way. My advice? Don’t stress about it – celebrate yourselves just as you are!

A great benefit of taking your engagement photos closer to your wedding is that it gives you some practice in front of the camera. You can try out fun poses and get comfortable, so on your wedding day, you’ll be a pro.

If you’re a bit camera-shy, having your engagement photos taken close to the wedding can ease those nerves. After a few shots, you’ll see how easy and fun it is to be in front of the lens!

Don’t Skip Engagement Photos!

Even if your wedding day is right around the corner and you planned to get engagement photos done much earlier, don’t skip it! Engagement photos are key for getting comfortable and ensuring you get great shots on your wedding day. You also get the chance to do something truly unique and special to you and your partner. stage your engagement! Or go to a caffe or pub! Even the cinema! The only limitation is your imagination. I am down for ANYTHING!

So, When Should You Book Your Engagement Photos?

Honestly, anytime is a good time to capture a slice of your love story. If you’re ready now, I’d be thrilled to document your engagement. Check out my website to learn more about working with me or go straight to my contact form so we can start planning your unique session. And hey, don’t forget to celebrate – being engaged is a big deal!

Book with me? Um, YAS!

If you want to book your engagement session with me, you can absolutely do that!

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June 28, 2024

FAQ: When should you book your engagement photos?

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