On a misty May morning, we rendezvoused with Kate and Cole amidst the enchanting highlands of Glencoe. Our journey began in Oban and led us to the historic Kings House Hotel, where the radiant couple awaited. This wasn’t a traditional elopement—though, in truth, do any truly adhere to tradition?—as Kate and Cole had already exchanged their vows in their hometown in Canada. Yet, their hearts yearned for the rugged beauty of Scotland to serve as the backdrop for their official bridal portraits.

Kate and Cole’s story began in the most serendipitous of settings—their high school chemistry class. Amidst the clinking of glassware and the scent of lab chemicals, a profound connection sparked between them. What started as shared experiments and innocent laughter over chemical equations soon blossomed into a bond as intricate and enduring as the compounds they studied. Their teenage camaraderie gradually evolved into a romance that weathered the storms of adolescence, forging a love story as timeless and elemental as the principles of chemistry itself.

Now, having been together for well over a decade, their journey has been a testament to enduring love and unwavering commitment. From the halls of their high school to the scenic vistas of the Scottish Highlands, their relationship has flourished, growing stronger with each passing year. Their love story is a beautiful testament to the magic that happens when two souls are perfectly attuned to one another, proving that true love, like the elements they once studied, remains constant and unchanging.

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July 7, 2024

Glencoe Elopement

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