Christina and James found me through the grapevine, but not in the usual way. Rumours were swirling about this dodgy photographer who was scamming couples left, right, and centre, leaving them high and dry on their big day. Well, let me tell you, that got my blood boiling faster than a kettle on full whack. So, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I put out an ad, not naming names, but offering to take on a few of those couples and capture their wedding day FOR FREE. And guess what? Christina and James were among the souls who reached out.

With their date miraculously free in my calendar, I was all in, ready to rock and roll. Off we trotted to Dundee, and let me tell you, it was a riot from start to finish! These two are like a shot of sunshine on a cloudy day—utterly delightful. Their kiddos? Well, let’s just say they stole the show with their antics. And as for their friends and family? Absolute gems, the lot of them. Sure, their wedding journey might have had a rocky start, but I’m beyond grateful that our paths crossed. Cheers to serendipity!

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Christian & James

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