Christina and James discovered me through an unconventional twist of fate. Whispers had spread about a dubious photographer who was deceiving couples, leaving them stranded on their most cherished day. The very thought of such treachery ignited my indignation, like a kettle brought swiftly to the boil. Determined to counteract this injustice, I decided to intervene. Without naming the culprit, I placed an advertisement, offering to photograph a few of these abandoned couples’ weddings at no cost. Among those who reached out were the delightful Christina and James.

Their story, marked by a blend of misfortune and serendipity, found its way to me, and I was compelled to restore the joy that had been threatened. From our very first conversation, it was clear that their spirits remained undiminished, and their hope, though tested, was unwavering.

With their date fortuitously free in my calendar, I was wholeheartedly committed, prepared to bring my best to their special day. Off we journeyed to Dundee, and from start to finish, the experience was nothing short of a joyous adventure! Christina and James radiated warmth and happiness, like rays of sunshine piercing through a cloudy day—utterly delightful in every way. Their children were an absolute delight, captivating everyone with their endearing antics.

The friends and family who gathered were, without exception, treasures. Each one contributed to the atmosphere of love and celebration, creating an environment of genuine warmth and camaraderie. Though their wedding journey had its share of trials, the serendipitous crossing of our paths filled me with immense gratitude. Here’s to the magic of fate and the unexpected joy it brings!

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May 12, 2024

Dundee Wedding

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Hi! I'm Aly– A Scotland based cinematic photographer. I work side-by-side with my husband (and videographer) to capture dreamy, velvety, vibey stories just like yours. 😎🎬📸


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