Over the past few months, we’ve journeyed all over Scotland and we can’t wait to share those stories with you soon. For now, we are redesigning our blog and featuring work that isn’t on the new blog just yet. So, let’s revisit this romantic engagement in Glencoe with Hilary and Iain.

Romantic Glencoe Engagement

Hilary and Iain’s story began in the most unassuming of places: their workplace. Hilary, originally from America, had relocated to Scotland for an exciting career opportunity. The rolling hills and ancient castles of Scotland were a far cry from her familiar landscapes, yet she embraced the change with her usual zeal.

It was after a team-building excursion that Iain, a native Scot with a quiet confidence, approached Hilary. With a casual smile, he suggested they grab coffee sometime. Hilary, adhering to her American social script, responded with a breezy, “Of course!” In the States, such phrases are often more about politeness than actual intent. As an American myself, I can attest to this cultural nuance—it’s considered impolite to decline such offers outright.

So, imagine Hilary’s astonishment when, a few days later, Iain followed up to schedule that coffee date. The nerve of this guy, she thought with a mix of amusement and disbelief. Back home, these polite agreements rarely materialised into real plans. Yet here was Iain, determined to turn a casual suggestion into a real encounter. Intrigued and a bit flustered, Hilary agreed, setting the stage for what would become a memorable chapter in both their lives.

Fast forward to the present, Hilary and Iain stand on the cusp of a new adventure. They are now engaged to be married in 2025, their journey from a serendipitous coffee date to a lifetime commitment unfolding like a beautiful, unexpected love story.

Romantic Glencoe Engagement

Romantic Glencoe Engagement

Romantic Glencoe Engagement


July 7, 2024

Romantic Glencoe Engagement

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