So, last year, when Shaun dropped me a line about her elopement plans in bonnie Scotland, I was positively gobsmacked when she mentioned Elgin Cathedral as the venue. Talk about a historic gem dripping with tales of beauty and mishaps! Well, I didn’t need to be asked twice—I was all in, quicker than you can say “haggis”.

As we delved deeper into Shaun’s vision for her special day, I unearthed a few juicy nuggets. First off, she’s all about that luxury cottage core vibe—think plush meets rustic. And guess what? We’re both Outlander fanatics, so naturally, we were channelling some serious Claire Fraser vibes. Oh, and did I mention she’s a plant lover with a penchant for all things green?

Fast forward to the 11th of May, and there we were, rocking up to the Mansion House to meet the bride and her squad in the flesh at last. And let me tell you, folks, all those elements Shaun had described? They were there in abundance, with one delightful addition—witchy vibes aplenty! Tarot cards, blessed oils, and an aura of divine feminine energy enveloped us like a comforting spell. As a fellow pagan practitioner, I was in my element, feeling as if the universe had conspired to bring us all together.

And you better believe we infused some practical magic inspiration into every shot of her wedding gallery! It was an absolute privilege to capture such a mystical and enchanting ceremony, and it’s clear as crystal that the gods themselves had a hand in ensuring our paths crossed.

Shaun & Zack are just the sweetest, most beautiful souls I’ve met and I am so so SO grateful to have been part of their journey. Blessed be, indeed.

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